Wednesday, May 19, 2010

☊✈✍.My THEN & NOW Massive Music Festival 2010 Experience.☊✈✍

A massive event that showcases 9 international artist with their famous songs from the 90's. I love Contest, specially the prizes. I can't give up on this, i wanted to get the Tix and Share it with my buddies. Its afternoon, there's no chance anymore but still hoping. Listening to Mellow Station. Checked FB. Saw it! This is it! DJ Vince giving away couple of Gold Tickets. Type.. Type.. Clicked the comment button. Refresh. After a couple of minutes. A message. Whoah! I Won! With a couple of hours left before the concert. Called my friends. Melody is available. Bathe. Packed up my things then left. TRAFFIC! texting Lovely. Calling Julie. No avail. Need to be there at 7pm. Traffic. Picked up Melods at Green Fields. Sheesh! its past 7pm. 100kph. Traffic. Coastal. 110kph. Yes! 7:30pm. Park my car on the sides. Run. Krispy Kreme. Met DJ Vince. Panting. Shook Hands. Soo Happy. GOT THE GOLD TICKETS! wuhoo! But a bit down, didn't get the chance to have a pic w/ him. Jumping and Giggling w/ excitement and relief. Parked the Car. Happy. Went to the entrace. Strolled. 8:20pm. Picture Taking. Waited.. 9pm then.. it begun.

Introduction from MYX DJ. The front act is really good, he can sing well unfortunately i can't remember his name. After 6 soulful songs. V-FACTOR went out in Style. then TQ, the crowd howls even more. Siggey's older brother "KUYA" treat us w/ some food which we bought from the side booths of the concert field. PM Dawn went out. Problem w/ the Sound system. Then Diana King, talked about singing the Say a little Prayer with her. She brought energy to the tired audiences. Then, the Soulful Frankie J. The Crowd cheered even more everytime he removes his cap. Love his performance. then there is Baby Bash w/ his energetic singers.

The crowd got lively again. then the most anticipated artist of all, JOJO went out after a long idle time after Baby bash finished his perfomance. The crowd goes GAGA. JOJO performs really well singing her new songs as well as her hit songs. LOVE her pretty face and voice. After that, the crowd left because of the hour. 1am. But we stayed because we meant to end finished the concert till the end. ALL 4 One, the crowd is tired but I still enjoyed their serenade. after the serenading, SWV Weak makes us Alive again. Then its Done. Finished. I walked with my feet going straight to the car while my Mind still savoring Happines and my Heart Satisfied. I went Hope with a big smile in my heart.
I had fun not only because I won free tickets but i was able to do it w/ my friend experiencing a what might be difficult to repeat in the future. This is surely one thing that will be remembered.


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